Guava Limb Menu

View our complete Guava Limb Menu here and browse our mouth-watering plates that diners rave about. NOTE: All prices are in BZD dollars. Exchange rate is $2 Belize dollars to $1 USD.


  • Guava Buffalo Wings

    8 deep fried chicken wings basted with our traditional guava sauce and served with fries. $18

  • Thai Shrimp Summer Rolls

    Delicate rice paper enfolds farm-fresh lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, green onions, cilantro and grilled shrimp. Served with spicy chili and peanut dipping sauces. $18

  • Shrimp Ceviche al Guava Limb

    A Caribbean favorite of local shrimp marinated in lime juice with organic tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Served with crispy corn tortilla chips. $21

  • Seasonal Conch Ceviche

    A Belizean special with local conch marinated in lime juice and mixed with organic tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Served with crispy corn tortilla chips. $21

  • Shrimp Cocktail

    Delicious shrimp cooked until tender, peeled, and chilled. Served with our zesty house cocktail sauce, lime wedges, and crispy corn tortilla chips. $21

  • Grilled Vegetable Terrine

    Layers of farm fresh zucchini, eggplant, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and fresh basil chive herb cheese served with our artisan bread. $18

Salads & Soups


  • Greek Salad

    Organic tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, kalamato olives and mixed greens topped with crumbled feta cheese and oregano, drizzled with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. $17

  • Maya Farm Salad

    Seasonal variety of organically grown greens and vegetables fresh from our Maya Farm, topped with shaved parmesan cheese and crunchy herbed garlic croutons. 15

    -Add grilled blackened chicken breast $6
    -Add grilled blackened fish fillet $9
    -Add grilled Caribbean shrimp $13.50

  • French Cafe Salad

    Maya Farm mixed green salad with pan-seared herbed chicken, warm brie & toasted almonds served with a creamy herb dressing. $22.50

  • Caesar Salad

    This traditional recipe is served with romaine lettuce, crunchy herbed croutons, shaved parmesan cheese and our homemade Caesar dressing. $16

    -Add grilled Caribbean shrimp 12
    -Add grilled chicken breast 6

  • Asian Chicken Salad

    Sesame glazed chicken breast, coleslaw and crispy wontons served on a bed of organic greens with an Asian vinaigrette. $22.50

  • Chef Salad

    Our chef’s signature recipe combines organic garden greens with grilled chicken breast, crispy local bacon, oven roasted ham, farm fresh cheddar cheese and boiled eggs served with our homemade Thousand Island dressing. $29

  • Mediterranean Salad

    A health lovers salad prepared with grilled eggplant, zucchini, boneless chicken breast, organic garden greens, crumbled feta cheese, bathed with a basil and olive oil dijonnaise creamy dressing. $24.75

  • Crispy Chicken Salad

    Crispy chicken fingers combined with our organic mixed greens, local smoked bacon and crunchy green apples. $24.75


  • Caribbean Fish Chowder

    Pan-seared snapper poached in a rich creamy coconut broth with potato, fresh corn, and a splash of Sauvignon Blanc. Served with a side of our artisan bread. $11.25 Sm. $13.50 L.

  • Soup of the Day

    Inspired by our chef’s best seasonal recipes, this signature soup is guaranteed to satisfy. Served with a side of freshly baked bread. $11.50 Sm. $13.50 L.


Paninis & Sandwiches

  • Ham & Cheese Panini

    The perfect combination of oven-roasted ham and a creamy herbed cheese spread, grilled to perfection. $19.25

  • Grilled Vegetable Panini on Focaccia Bread

    An Italian bread freshly baked with rosemary and sea salts, layered with grilled organic vegetables and our homemade herbed cheese spread. $17

  • Sesame Pork loin Panini

    Slow roasted pork loin with melted farm cheese and our homemade mayo sauce. $21.50

  • Chicken Panini

    Grilled chicken breast, with caramelized onions, jalapeño relish, and our homemade pineapple chutney. $19.25

  • Grilled-Cheese Sandwich

    The classic all American grilled cheese sandwich on white bread. Optional sliced tomatoes. $16

  • BLT Panini

    Crispy bacon topped with melted cheddar, lettuce & tomatoes. $19.50

  • NOTE:

    Served with a farm fresh organic garden salad or french fries.

    Choice of breads: French, focaccia, whole-wheat, multigrain, herbed bread


  • Vegetarian Quesadilla

    Grilled organic vegetables, layered in a fresh flour tortilla. Served with our homemade pico de gallo and a side of black beans. $22.50

  • Belizean Jerk Chicken Quesadilla

    Grilled chicken strips tossed in a spicy jerk seasoning layered in a fresh flour tortilla. Served with our homemade pico de gallo and a side of black beans. $22.50

  • NOTE:

    Served with a farm fresh organic garden salad or french fries.

Pizza & Pastas

Pizzas (thin crust)

  • Margherita

    Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, olive oil, basil. $23

  • Funghi

    Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms. $23

  • Pepperoni

    Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni. $23

  • Hawaiian

    Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, oven-roasted ham. $23

  • Rucola

    Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, organic arugula, parmesan cheese. $23

  • Spicy Sausage & Pepperoni

    Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, hot Italian sausage. $23

  • Pear, Bacon & Gorgonzola

    Fresh tomato sauce, gorgonzola cheese, pears, smoked bacon. $23


  • Fettuccini Alfredo

    Fettuccini pasta tossed in a rich creamy parmesan sauce, topped with shaved parmesan cheese. $18

  • Pasta with Caribbean Shrimp

    Belizean shrimp sautéed in garlic, served on a bed of pasta with a tomato basil cream sauce. $26

  • Pasta al Pesto

    Pasta cooked to perfection tossed with our organic homemade basil pesto. Served with shaved parmesan cheese. $18

  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara

    Crispy smoked bacon and sautéd onions served over spaghetti, tossed in a rich creamy sauce. $20.25

  • Spaghetti alla Bolognese

    Sauteed ground steak, with onions and garlic, simmered in red wine and Italian herbs. Served with freshly grated parmesan cheese. $20.25

  • Add:

    -Grilled organic vegetables $6
    -Grilled free range chicken breast $6
    -Grilled Caribbean shrimp $13.50

    Served with our homemade herbed bread

Baskets & Burgers


  • Chicken

    Tender local chicken pieces breaded and deep-fried. $17

  • Fish

    Local Caribbean fish fillet breaded and deep-fried. $24

  • Coconut Shrimp Basket

    Belizean shrimp dipped in a coconut batter and deep-fried. $23.75


    Chicken, fish and shrimp. $28.50

  • NOTE:

    Served with a farm fresh organic garden salad or french fries.

    Choice of our homemade dipping sauces:
    -Creamy honey-mustard


  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

    Grilled chicken breast marinated in our signature teriyaki sauce, topped with oven-roasted ham, grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, jalapeño relish, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles. $25

  • Chimichurri Beef Steak

    Chimichurri-marinated ground steak patty grilled to perfection, topped with melted cheese, smoked bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles. $25

  • Veggie Burger

    A mushroom, black bean and broccoli patty grilled to perfection topped with melted cheddar tucked into our homemade zucchini pepita bun with a touch of aioli. $25

  • Grilled Fish Burger

    Juicy grilled fish fillets, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and aioli. $25

  • Spicy Chorrizo & Garlic Shrimp Burger

    Grilled spicy chorrizo patty topped with garlic sautéd shrimp, melted cheddar cheese, tucked in our signature sweet potato bun. Served with a chipotle mayo spread. $28.50

  • NOTE:

    Served on our homemade buns with a farm fresh organic salad or French fries.


  • Quiche

    Please ask your server for the quiche of the day, always served with a farm fresh garden salad. $20

  • Garbanzo Falafel

    Homemade pita bread pockets stuffed with crispy garbanzo falafel patties, vegetables, drizzled with our homemade creamy tahini sauce. Served with a side of refreshing tzatziki sauce and an Israeli salad. $22

  • Middle Eastern platter

    A delightful combination of hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, and our homemade pita bread. $22

  • Gado Gado

    An Indonesian dish of local stir fried vegetables seasoned with a light sweet soy and ginger sauce, lemon grass, sesame seeds and peanuts, accompanied by a homemade peanut sauce served with rice noodles. $22

    -Add Satay Chicken 6

  • Thai Lettuce Wraps

    Create your own Thai lettuce rolls! Satay chicken strips, carrots, cucumbers, coconut curry noodles and lettuce leaves served with two delicious Thai dipping sauces, spicy peanut and sweet red chilli. $27

  • Grilled Grass-fed Steak

    Our selection of premium local beef grilled to perfection with a mushroom and cracked peppercorn red wine reduction sauce served with a side order of french fries or fresh garden salad. $45

  • Tasty Grilled Pork Chop

    A tender center-cut chop, served with our homemade mango sauce accompanied by a side order of french fries or fresh garden salad. $40


Red velvet cheesecake $11

Coconut cheesecake $11

Pineapple cheesecake $11

Oreo cheesecake $11

Almond cheesecake $11

Strawberry cheesecake $11 (seasonal)

Soursop cheesecake $11 (seasonal)

Oreo cake $11

Flourless chocolate cake $11

Banana layered cake $11

Organic carrot cake $11